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About us

The Association of Dental Manufacturing and Trading Enterprises "RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY" has started its activity since 2000. Nowadays the Association unites 50 enterprises from different regions of Russia, which present the main leaders in Russian dental market.

The Association joined the enterprises from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Belgorod, Izhevsk, Minsk and Novorossiisk. The main aim of the Association is to protect the common interests of manufacturers and sellers in the dental industry. Today we can say with confidence that members of the Association solve the tasks, connected with improvement the legislative framework in the field of production and sales dental products, actively and effectively. The Association maintains regular contact with government agencies (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Economic Development, State Customs Committee), takes an active part in working and advisory groups, conferences and meetings, protecting and assert the rights of all their members. The Association always carries on productive dialogues with government agencies on licensing, certification and registration of medical products.

The members of Association believe that international cooperation is extremely useful and necessary condition for the effective development of the Russian dental industry. This cooperation helps to get the access to new technologies, to organize co-production and, as a result, to manufacture competitive products.

In addition, one of the most important activities of the Association is to protect the Russian dental market from the penetration of dental products which do not correspond to the quality and requirements of Russian legislation, the identification of unfair competition. In this regard, the Association "RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY" initiated the creation of the Register of reliable partners.

Association’s members regularly participate in large Moscow and international Dental Exhibitions. Also the most participants take part in regional exhibitions all over the Russian Federation. 

The efficient efforts of members of the Association make a great contribution into the development of Russian dental industry and largely determine its prospects. 

The Association "RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY" is open to constructive cooperation with all interested organizations who are ready to contribute to the development of Russian dental industry.