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Dear Colleagues,  

Welcome to the web - site of the Association of Dental Manufacturing and Trading Enterprises "RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY".

This web - site is created to help enterprises in matters of registration and certification of medical products on the territory of the Russian Federation.

"RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY" Association was founded in 2000 to protect the interests of trading and manufacturing companies working in the dental industry.

Our main task is to promote a dental market in Russia, to store quality, high-tech and modern materials and equipment.

Registration in the Federal Supervision Service for Health Care and Social Development (hereinafter Roszdravnadzor) is required for the sale, import and use of medical devices according to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.12.2012 № 1416. You know, that sale and use of unregistered medical products are criminal offenses.

Association’s specialists are ready to help in solving highly complex, long and laborious task of the registration procedure in Roszdravnadzor. We are confident that our experience, knowledge and a great desire to help medical products to get into the Russian market will allow to find the optimal route to register your medical product, to avoid annoying mistakes and unwanted obstacles to get the registration certificate. Our experts will help you to save your time and money. We will be happy to help you to register your dental products! 

Best regards,
The president of the Association "RUSSIAN DENTAL INDUSTRY"
Pavel Dobrovolskiy